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There’s a mouse in my hat | Hatter (Nil)


Tarrant giggled as Mally peppered his face in kisses, returning a few of them when he could. As he wrapped his arms around the Mouse as they inched towards the end of the queue and saw the squint of the cast member glaring at him as the Hatter threw up a “2” with his fingers for ‘party of 2’ as his mouth was occupied with Mally’s lips.

Once inside the Mansion, Tarrant released his lips, with arms still around Mally pulling him into a darker corner of the room. “Did you see him glaring at us?” He snickered, sticking his tongue out “we’re being disgusting”

"We could be twice as disgusting." The devious glint in his eyes and the wolfish smile he gave the hatter in the dim light of the room spoke volumes of the dormouse’s thoughts. "We could you know, it’s a relatively long ride if we get lucky."  He glanced around at the people passing by. "We could sneak off into the ride if you wanted even."  The ideas began to burst inside Mally’s head.  

He tugged the hatter along coming up on the buggies. “Whatever you want to do Tare.” He smirked.  

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1. Do your research when choosing a tattoo and an artist.

  • Don’t rush yourself when choosing an idea. You’re going to have to live with it forever.
  • Most artists have a speciality, think about this when choosing one. If you want a photorealistic tattoo don’t choose an artist who specializes in American Traditional, for example.
  • Don’t ask to have your neck/face/hands tattooed if it’s your first tattoo, you will most likely be denied.
  • Look into the cost of the tattoo before walking into the shop, don’t sacrifice the tattoo you want to get a good deal. Save up to get the right ink.
  • Be prepared to be placed on a large wait list for the more popular artists.

2. Prepare properly on the day you get your tattoo.

  • Eat a full meal beforehand.
  • Many artists recommend drinking orange juice prior to getting inked.
  • Don’t drink alcohol beforehand.
  • Getting tattooed is a pretty intimate experience, don’t forget to shower.

3. Bring a good reference photo.

  • Bring in a high res photo if possible; at the very least a picture that is big and not blurry.

4. Don’t bring your entourage to the shop with you.

  • It’s fine to bring a friend to hold your hand, any more than one is rude and obnoxious.
  • Children are not permitted in most tattoo shops, leave them at home.

5. Trust your artist. 

  • The artist knows what they are doing, there is no need to be a “backseat driver.”

6. Check out the stencil design, body placement, and spelling before the tattoo begins.

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Inked Magazine

  • If you see something, say something. You aren’t going to hurt anyone’s feelings if you tell them that something is spelled incorrectly.

7. Be prepared to go through some pain, tattoos hurt.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell your artist that you need to take a break if the pain is too much. Nobody wants a passed out client.
  • Ribs, feet, hands, head, and the spine all really hurt.

8. Stay still!

  • We know that it might be difficult to do so, but make every effort to remain as calm and still as possible while getting tattooed. If you are jittery the artist won’t be able to create straight lines.

9. Tip your artist.

  • Most artists don’t own their shops and have to pay a percentage of the tattoo price to the shop.
  • Tipping anywhere between 10-20% should be fine.
  • If you really love the work don’t be afraid of tipping extra.

10. Take care of your tattoo once you leave the shop.

  • Tattoo aftercare is a crucial step in assuring you have a good tattoo.
  • Tattoos will scab and they should heal in 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid sun and going in bodies of water for the first 2 weeks.
  • Keep the tattoo moist and clean as it heals.
  • Once it’s healed don’t forget to use SPF 50 sunscreen when going outside, you don’t want your tattoo to fade.

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Telling short films through gifs: THE MAKER

In this short film an odd creature awakens to find time ticking away. He opens up a book and starts making another creature similar to him. You might think he’s making a lover for himself, but in the end he hands his creation the same book and is wisped away, forever gone. 

His new creation now has to make a creation of her own. 

I like this short film because it represents life. You know that old “we’re going to die anyway so what’s the point”. The point is even though we don’t live on, our ideas, our creations, and our views do. They will be passed on and molded for generations to come with each one getting more beautiful as time moves on. 

And that makes it worthwhile. 


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"Oh, but your reactions are always so fun when I do that." She vanished and appeared behind him, "They’re going to be pissed when they find out what you’ve done."


"I don’t much care. Halloween is around the corner and there is candy everywhere." With a shrug of his shoulder he dropped one of the bags of candy and sighed. "There have that one back." He scooped it up with his boot and kicked it over to her to catch. "That it?"