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Anonymous wondered—

Sigh how do you deal with separating the characters with the actual people ):

Easily. Characters are purely that. Characters.
The people are their own.
So say one of them decided they wanted to but a horse randomly. That’s them. Not like. Hatter or chesh.
I will say. Some qualities of them could be put to the characters but. Still.
They are two completely different beings

Anonymous wondered—

Who can't stand each other ??

I don’t know really who. As far as I know a couple of people could just be slightly irritated with each other.

Anonymous wondered—

Do you think the members of mad t like each other & are besties or actually can't stand each other?

I think for the most part they are good friends or even “besties” but just like every group of friends there’s those two that can’t really stand each other.
So. Yes and yes.


u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

Low Volts


Ulli huffed, aggravated by this point. The electric guitar was so much weirder to her than her usual acoustic, and figuring out how to play it was tricky. The dormouse’s pestering didn’t make it any better. “I never said I wanted to be in the band,” was all she said aloud.

"Well somedays i will get lazy and those days You will be there in my place, and I’m only training you for that." He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. "You get whatever costume Tarrant dreams up though." Shrugging a shoulder he glances at her. "You should have seen the first drafts for my costume…" 

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djdinah wondered—

"It's been awhile mouse." It's not much of a greeting, but it's all she offers as she pushes past. She barely gives him more than a cursory glance, shrugging her bag up higher on her shoulder.




"It’s been quite a while cat. Why you avoiding me?" He quirks a brow, his lips curling into a sly grin. "You are avoiding me aren’t you?" His eyes had a sickish green tint to them. "Where are you heading out to in such a hurry?" 


"Shh Di, i’m very sick, you can’t yell at a sick person." He started to turn away from her. "very sick." he repeats. 

"I’ll yell at anyone I like, if I think they deserve it, sick or not. I almost have a right if I think that sickness was their own fault." 

"Nope, its just contagious, better stay away." He coughs weakly. "Very contagious. 

Queens puppets



Thack looked to him with his brow raised. “It’s still my kitchen Mally…I’m pretty sure we are safe adventure mouse” He rolled his eyes and grabbed a bottle of his favorite wine before closing the doors and headed out of the kitchen with him

"Suck the fun out of this then. I miss the slight element of danger, of getting caught you know." He shrugged a shoulder, the clanking of the bottles the only sound to answer him. Sighing he continued on in silence waitning for the hare to say something. 

Girl from the north country | Mad-Miss-Liddell


The blonde pulled her knees up to her chest, pulling the hem of her oversized blue sweater over her knees. “I’m simply not tired. I have too much energy left over from the show.” Her blue gaze traveled over to the dormouse, settling on him. “Why aren’t you in bed, dearest Mally? You love sleep more than anyone I know.”

"I actually sleep just as much as anyone else in this house, Besides Chesh is the one who sleeps all day anyway." Glancing in her direction he quirks a brow at her. "Too much energy huh?" He smirks. "Do you want to do something then?" 

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