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Mallymun’s Aus :

20’s Prohibition/Gangster 

Mally found himself the boss of a known crime family, taking over the illegal booze market in the entire town and making some powerful enemies he kills or is killed, no in between with this job. 

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Steampunk skypirate boots

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(if anyone wants the mouse im here)

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mallydormouse said:



((Well the image won’t post but you got 42. xD Damn it :P ))

"I don’t think you understand what you mean to me."

"Oh really?" His brow knitted together, starring down Mally. "I bet I can make you the most nervous, twitchy mouse…I have my ways…" Thack smirked a little, slowly taking another sip of his beer.

He laughed. “I bet you can’t. I bet if anything I can make you a nervous twitchy hare.” Challenge spared Mally’s mischievous grin, the glint in his eyes turned devious. “Do we have a bet on our hands?” 

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There’s a mouse in my hat | Hatter (Nil)


Tarrant keeps his arm locked with Mally’s as they entered the portal and into the tea cups. He knew Mally was trying to cheer him up but Tarrant wasn’t too fond of the tea cups. it gave him vertigo. Once seated in the cup he clung to the mouse and tucked his head into the his shoulder. “I call dibs on next ride” he closed his eyes tightly, slightly sad he was missing the sunset

The mouse chuckled. “Tare, one of these days we are going to get you on this ride, and you aren’t going to be a frightened kit.” As the ride began Mally thought about spinning the cup. One glance at the man curled up next to him and he decided against it. It would be an easier ride that way. 

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

"Shh I’m gonna try and get that for you"is the single best description for my relationship with my OC ever

omfg if anyone did that to mine.. *faints

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gdi johnny y u so hard 2 draw

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so um… Daddy mally and momma alice

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Anonymous said:
You are honestly my favorite mouse. I feel like you have the most planned out Mally. He has a great back story and the way you portray him is perfect for the mouse you chose.

really im not that great im just wanking around with this right now. because i have like no muse ever so.

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